Traineeships combine practical work with structured training to give your existing or new staff a nationally recognised qualification and the experience they need to further their careers.

Traineeships are nationally recognised training programs designed to give employees the vocational skills essential for their chosen career paths. Traineeships can be undertaken as fulltime, part time or as a school-based activity.

Traineeships are available through nationally recognised training organisations under the user choice program. Traineeships are established in conjunction with Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers (AASN) and employers who formalise an employment and training contract. User Choice Traineeships funding is available for eligible participants.

Why train your staff under a traineeship?

Traineeships offer a number of benefits for employers:

  • They can bring in enthusiastic young people with fresh ideas into your business
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Allow businesses to create skilled workers for the industry
  • Gain motivated staff members
  • Support the local region and economy by helping your business to develop a loyal and talented workforce
  • Staff from your business will have the chance to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching
  • Often trainees are more motivated and invested in their position throughout the traineeship as they gain new skills and put their knowledge into practice
  • Train staff at all Certificate levels up to Diploma and training can be suited to business or departmental needs

Participants wishing to undertake traineeship or employee a trainee please can contact Australian Group Training to discuss your potential options.

Kaban Griffiths
, Trainee Testimonial
“My Business Traineeship has kicked started my career and is definitely a worthwhile experience. Within just a few months I will have a nationally recognised qualification and I had the chance to earn while I learn a new set of skills. The team at Australian Group Training are very friendly and supportive and have helped me learn and grow as an individual”.

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Funding may be available for course participants speak to us to find out more.

In Queensland, funding is available through the Queensland Government User Choice Program. Student contribution fees/tuition fees apply.